On 12/1 at 9am the symbolic links (symlinks) that redirect user requests to retired storage volumes /dscrhome/<netid> and /hpchome/<group> to current storage volumes will be removed. These symlinks were created when these legacy files systems were retired to allow users the time to update their references in scripts and code to new file systems in a gradual fashion. To ensure you are not impacted by the symlink retirement, use find and replace or regex  on scripts and code to replace /dscrhome and /hpchome to the appropriate locations.  The current paths for DCC are:

  • Home directories: /hpc/home/<netid>
  • Group storage: /hpc/group/<groupname>

 The storage volumes for /hpchome/<group> and /dscrhome/<netid> were retired in Dec 2019. If you are using scripts or code written before these dates, you are the most likely users to be impacted by this retirement.  If you have questions about how to update your references contact rescomputing@duke.edu.