Scalable Consent

  • Awarding Agency: Internet2
  • Amount: $96,530
  • Grant Date: 2016
  • PI: Richard Biever

Scalable Consent is an initiative to develop a framework, and working code, in support of effective and informed end-user consent and attribute release at Internet scale. The work supports fine-grained, revocable, informed, and well managed consent services that will allow both user and organization to control the release of their attributes to relying parties throughout an identity ecosystem. The development was catalyzed by an NSTIC grant from NIST, and is being enhanced and maintained by the TIER activity within Internet2. The work is intended to help foster an open and interoperable identity ecosystem. Goals include consent that is usable and privacy preserving, improved support for accessibility, and fostering identity portability. All the specifications and code are open-source.