Congratulations to our winners!

1st Prize: Mathew Atisa, M. Hossein Eybposh , Nicolas C. Pégard for their poster: Deep Learning with Specialized Training for Fast Computer Generated Holography

2nd Prize: Ran Xiao, Mahsa Malekmohammadi, and Nader Pouratian for their poster: SuperAlarm: a Machine Learning Approach to Predict in-Hospital Code Blue Events

3rd Prize: Emilia Grzesiak, Ricardo Henao PhD, Alfred Hero PhD, Murali Doraiswamy MD, Sara Evans PMP, Geoffrey S. Ginsberg MD PhD, and Jessilyn Dunn PhD for their poster: DARPA Prometheus Study: Digital Biomarkers to Predict Influenza Infection

Honorable Mention: Melissa Dollman for her poster: Changing Lanes: A Reanimation of Shell Oil’s Carol Lane Digital Dissertation & Visual   Prosopography of a Fictional Travel Expert