CC* Regional: NCShare Projects Awarded

The NSF has awarded $1.4 million to two  CC* Regional proposals to create a shared virtual high-performance network, storage, and compute infrastructure housed at MCNC to enhance research and education at minority-serving and smaller institutions in North Carolina. This shared Science network uses virtualization techniques on the existing state-wide research and education network rather than building a separate, parallel infrastructure. As a regional resource its costs are lower, and it requires fewer local (on campus) technical support personnel. Similarly, the shared Computational infrastructure delivers higher-end science resources to smaller and lesser resourced institutions than they might otherwise afford.

Anticipated Benefits:

    • faculty at participating institutions, who often juggle high course loads, have access to tools and services that ease the delivery of customized computing systems to meet their research needs and enable easy access to powerful tools for students.
    • connects campus researchers to advanced cyberinfrastructure resources located regionally, nationally. and internationally, thereby enhancing research productivity, promoting collaboration, and reducing the time required for scientific discoveries at participating minority-serving and smaller institutions.
    • can serve as a model for other state or regional virtualized Science DMZs, creating a more cost effective and democratized solution


When to expect what?

    • 2022-2023: Develop and build the network for Davidson and NCCU to use; launch Community of Practice for Faculty; begin to use shared computational resources to support classes at the two institutions
    • 2023-2024: Add 3-5 more institutions to the network, under the NSF award
    • 2025 and Beyond: Add more institutions, based on MCNC future decisions about including among its services


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These awards were made through a planning grant (OAC-2018401) awarded to Duke University, North Carolina Central, Davidson College and MCNC.

Grant details:

NCShare Science DMZ 

    • awarded 4/15/22, ends 3/31/24
    • PI: Tracy Futhey, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Duke University
    • co-PIs: Leah Kraus, CIO, North Carolina Central University; Kevin Davis, CIO, Davidson College, Davidson College; Tracy Doaks, President and CEO, MCNC; Deepak Kumar, Director, Julius L. Chambers Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute at North Carolina Central University

NCShare Compute as a Service

      • awarded  5/1/22, ends 4/30/24
      • PI: Charles Kneifel, Senior Technical Director, Duke University
      • co-PIs: Tracy Futhey, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Duke University; Leah Kraus, CIO, North Carolina Central University; and Kevin Davis, CIO, Davidson College
      • though MCNC not a co-PI on this award, MCNC will be service provider to enable CaaS environment