Project Renewals in Research Toolkits

Renewal notices for Research Toolkits projects with RAPID machines will be distributed starting 9/12. If you are using your project, please follow the prompts and renew the project.  If you are not using your project, please feel free to delete the project or do nothing and let the project expire.

The project renewal process is meant to check-in with the users of the service to make sure their RAPID virtual machines and scratch storage are still being used, and if they are not, to allow them to be deprovisioned. Research Toolkits was started in late 2015 and has supported RAPID virtual machines and scratch storage space based on faculty allocations since its inception. See for more.  While our policy states project renewals are required, the work flow to implement is new.  As you can imagine this has left a number of projects that have been abandoned as people have completed their work, moved on, and did not delete their resources.  We’d like your help to clean that up to reclaim resources and to reduce risks of and management overhead for endpoint management of these resources.