Chip Bobbert can turn electronic bits into sculpture.

He is one of the driving forces behind Duke’s growing 3D printing capability and is a master of tying that capability with widely diverse needs — everything from detailed renderings of Star Wars AT-AT weapons to reproductions of highly specialized research lab tools and supplies.

Chip did a presentation at the Research Communities and Emerging Technologies on January 19, 2017, at the Technology Engagement Center (TEC) otherwise known as the monumental Telcom Building. His talk was titled “Community Research 3D Printing Resources & Possibilities.”

“Duke has already become a leader in 3D printing, with the interest beginning with students and now spreading to areas all across the university and medical center,” Chip said. “It’s really a technology that speeds up innovation and hugely drives down the costs of prototyping and ‘trying something out’. I hope that people will come by for the TEC event on January 19 just to get to know some of the things that 3D printing can do.”