Research Computing offers services that are useful to researchers across Duke and often in collaboration with researchers at other institutions. The group provides cluster computing services through the Duke Compute Cluster and offers storage, a protected computing environment for researchers using sensitive data, and well tailored virtual machines of various configuration. Duke Research Computing offers wide-ranging education and training opportunities to the Duke community and seeks in its activities to bring researchers together who apply computational and quantitative methods to every field represented in the University’s faculty.

See below for a list of staff and the Duke Research Computing Advisory Council.

Research Computing Staff

mark d

Mark DeLong, PhD, Director, Duke Research Computing

Mark DeLong is director of Duke Research Computing. He holds expertise in managing large computational infrastructure at the university and medical center. He was previously Director of Computing and Data Resources at Duke’s Institute for Genomic Sciences & Policy. He has extensive experience with high performance compute clusters and Linux based systems. DeLong is an experienced grant-writer and most recently responsible for receiving a grant for large storage systems.


Tom Milledge, Senior IT Analyst, Duke Research Computing

Tom Milledge performs a wide range of activities facilitating and promoting research computing at Duke including user code profiling and debugging, applications package compilation, configuration and installation. Tom consults with compute cluster users on the best strategies for matching their computing needs to the considerable capabilities of the 5000+ CPU core DSCR cluster. He can also assisted users with writing Slurm and tuning their workflows to achieve maximum performance.

Victor Orlikowski, Research Computing Senior IT Analyst, Automation

Victor Orlikowski, Senior IT Analyst, Automation

Victor Orlikowki is a research software developer and systems administrator for Duke Research Computing. His position is focused on automation – the development of resources to enhance the flexibility of research computing tools so that they can best fit researchers’ computing requirements. Victor is experienced in networked storage devices and virtual machines. He has been a key member of research teams that have pioneered the tools regularly used by researchers at Duke. Victor has worked at Duke for more than eight years in the Departments of Computer Science, Pratt School of Engineering and OIT. Victor regularly teaches Duke’s Introduction to Linux seminars.


Andy Ingham, Senior IT Analyst, Data Management

Andy Ingham joined Duke Research Computing to assist with data management projects. This is an area that includes technical issues relating to data storage and protection but that has significance to data flows, data security, data life-cycle, and matters of data discovery (or re-discovery). Andy holds advanced training in information systems and library science useful in making Duke Research Computing a more valuable partner to Duke researchers. Andy will work closely with the Information Technology Security Office, especially as his work relates to sensitive data used in Duke’s Protected Network. Ingham comes to Duke Research Computing from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, where he has served as the main Linux administrator for four years. Prior to beginning at Duke, he was a leader of UNC-Chapel Hill Library’s IT group. He has academic degrees from Cornell University and the University of North Carolina. He has three teenagers and lives in Carrboro.

Research Computing Advisory Council

Caroline Bruzelius, faculty, Art History

Robert Calderbank, faculty, Computer Science & Math, Director Information Initiative at Duke

Lawrence Carin, Vice Provost for Research, faculty, Pratt School of Engineering

Jeff Chase, faculty, Computer Science

John DeFiguieredo, faculty, Fuqua School of Business/The Law School

Mark DeLong, Director, Research Computing

Craig Henriquez, faculty, Pratt School of Engineering

Erich Huang, faculty, School of Medicine

Julian Lombardi, faculty, Office of Information Technology & Arts & Sciences

Tim McGeary, Library Administration

Tom Nechyba, faculty, Economics & Social Science

Iain Sanderson, Anesthesiology, Vice Dean, School of Medicine

Robert Wolpert, faculty, Nicholas School of the Environment

Greg Wray, faculty, Biology & School of Medicine