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Open source file conversion for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) EEG data

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Innovation CoLab

  The Innovation Co-Lab connects the Duke Community with technology resources, programming, and facilities to jumpstart their success.  In addition to maker spaces, the Innovation Co-Lab Roots program offers learning modules in a variety of tech topics, from web design to programming to arts and fabrication.  Many of these courses are available in both live …

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CovIdentify iOS App Development

Awarding Agency: Duke University Amount: Estimated project cost: $28,000 (range: $24,000 – $32,000) Grant Dates: April 1, 2020– May 8, 2020 The CovIdentify iOS app project aims to develop an application for the CovIdentify research initiative, which promotes early detection of COVID-19 infections using wearable device data. The app will collect health data and survey …

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WearDuke 2021-22 Feasibility Study Awarding agency:  Duke University Amount: $42,000 (range $37,000 – $50,000) Grant dates: June 15, 2021 – August 12, 2021 Organizers: Geoffrey Ginsburg (School of Medicine), Susanne Haga (Sanford School of Public Policy | Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine), Tracy Futhey (Office of Information Technology), and Bass Connections Enabling Precision …

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