Computing Cycles

Duke Research Computing offers a range of computing options, ranging from high-throughput / high-performance cluster computing to virtual machines. The group also supports researchers who wish to use the Open Science Grid. Click on the panes below to learn more about these offerings.

To get involved in the Duke Compute Cluster, procure a virtual machine, or discuss any matter on services described on this page, email More detailed information and descriptions suitable for inclusion in grant proposals is available.

Custom Solutions

Duke Research Computing can provide custom support not only to provide elements of a custom infrastructure but pure-and-simple rack space,...

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Virtual Machines and Cloud Services

Virtual machines are available in three general frameworks: Small machines with two processors, two gigabytes of RAM, and 15 gigabytes of...

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Grid Computing

Duke is part of the Open Science Grid through a partnership with CI-Connect and supports the Duke Condor Grid on...

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Cluster Computing

Researchers who consistently need high-throughput/high-performance cluster computing can take part in the Duke Compute Cluster by purchasing nodes. An “allocation” program...

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