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Using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify relationships and similarities in grant proposal texts

For each new grant proposal, the Office of Research and Innovation (OR&I) must manually parse through thousands of files to check for significant overlap with past grants – which is very slow. A team, part of the 2022 Duke University Code+ Program, was tasked with developing an algorithm to automate the search and speed up …

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Visualizing Reddit Posts Around the World

As part of the 2022 Duke University Code+ Program, Alan Wang and Juan Cruz Assad worked with Dr. William Meyerson to visualize reddit posts around the world. The primary goal of this project was to develop interactive visualization tools and workflows to help Duke researchers analyze and visualize their large datasets. The visualizations developed and documented for …

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  Code+ is a 10-week summer coding program for Duke University undergraduates with little or no tech-related work experience. The program is focused on increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the technology talent pipeline and is particularly interested in attracting students from historically marginalized communities, including first-generation college students. The program provides students with a …

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