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About the presenter

docker-colemanClayton Coleman is the lead architect for OpenShift, Red Hat‘s containerized platform-as-a-service, and is a leading contributor to Kubernetes, Google’s open source container cluster manager built on top of Docker. He has worked on OpenShift at Red Hat for the past three years with a focus on designing the developer and end user experiences. Prior to that, Clayton was part of the Social Networking teams at IBM building collaborative software for enterprises.

What the presentation is about

The last ten years have seen rapid change in how web applications are developed and deployed. Infrastructure-as-a-service made it easy to automate and deploy things multiple times on demand. Platform-as-a-service emerged to make it easy to go from source code to running application. Docker popularized (and drastically simplified) creating reusable bits of web applications and also having an easy way to run those same reusable bits in many places. However, you still need infrastructure/platform tools that make it easy to manage and roll out new sets of containers on flexible infrastructure (containerized cluster management as in Kubernetes and others), and you still want tools that make it easy to turn source code into real applications repeatedly and reliably (and test them). We’re on the cusp of seeing these sorts of tools became widely deployed in many places, and I’ll talk about what the future of containers holds (Docker and otherwise) and how they’ll become increasingly easy to leverage in every computing environment.