Duke Research Computing staff will consult with researchers at every stage of research including:

  • formative discussions early in the development of research plans
  • follow up conversations and activities after project pilots or events that may lead to new research collaborations
  • proposal design, especially relating to computational and data storage requirements
  • help with Data Management Plans that are required elements of proposals to several agencies
  • software and infrastructure design and consults

Because of the unique organizational place of Duke Research Computing, staff can call upon rich technical talent and resources from the Office of Information Technology and help researchers and centers, departments, and institutes across campus devise computing strategies for all kinds of research endeavor. The staff is particularly interested in learning about research that might particularly benefit from Duke Research Computing services — or that might help shape future services. Staff are happy to make presentations and attend lab meetings whenever research computing issues might come to bear in discussions.

In addition to his role providing user support for the Duke Compute Cluster, Tom Milledge serves as the XSEDE Campus Champion and provides training and assistance to researchers needing very large compute. XSEDE is a clearinghouse for supercomputing allocations on systems across North America. Tom can provide training allocations and guidance on applications to XSEDE for supercomputing allocations. For more information about XSEDE, check out http://www.xsede.org.

Andy Ingham supports researchers with guidance and resources to ease data management. He can provide information on Duke’s support for researchers using sensitive data for their research, and has insight into how research IT fits with types of data and types of research computing. He can help with data management plans and can refer you to other resources on campus.

Contact rescomputing@duke.edu for more information and to get things rolling.