Duke Research Computing can provide custom support not only to provide elements of a custom infrastructure but pure-and-simple rack space, power, and networking for unique and idiosyncratic hardware. Research requirements sometimes go beyond the limits of the “typical” or easily configurable offerings. Some researchers require computing equipment that goes beyond the mainstream or they are themselves developing devices that extend computers or are themselves entire computing machines. Other researchers do their work with computing and storage infrastructures made of typical units, but fashioned into a specific and tailored framework. For example, a researcher may need to handle sensitive data, transforming these data into de-identified datasets for consumption elsewhere in her analysis pipeline.

Duke Research Computing and Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) have set up customized infrastructure for sensitive data analysis using large memory machines, specialized set ups for difficult de novo assemblies of large genomes, multiple-GPU machines for image analysis and 2D-to-3D “point-cloud” transformations, and other projects.

Contact rescomputing@duke.edu to get help with a custom solution.