Regular afternoon SLURM and Duke Compute Cluster workshops are scheduled monthly during the semester. Tom Milledge is the instructor. Registration is encouraged —



Duke Research Computing plays a role in building basic competencies through regular short courses, workshops, and symposia that touch on:

  • specific skills (such as mastering Linux, learning programming languages, and using a cluster computing scheduler like SLURM)
  • transformational developments in information technology (such as “containerization” technologies like Docker and GPU computing)
  • issues in and helpful technologies for establishing reproducibility in research involving large data or infrastructures, and complex computation
  • matters that explore the interdisciplinary qualities of research computing

We approach the matters of education and training both as a basic service to the community – especially in our very well received workshops and short courses – and as a means of participating in the discussion of how computing and data technologies are transforming scholarly and scientific endeavor and the institutions that support it.

If you have an idea for kinds of research computing training options that would help speed your research or to learn more about upcoming offerings, contact