Duke Research Computing provides information on Duke resources (compute, storage, facilities) that can be used for grant proposals.  View or download current resources here on Box.  

Duke Research Computing staff will gladly help you tailor these documents to fit the circumstances of your proposal. Contact us for questions, or if you need additional materials:

  • Quotes and assistance with budget justifications
  • Letters of support
  • Customization of Duke compute or storage resources
  • Inclusion of RC staff as other personnel for support such as: programming, data management and analytics, customized compute resource design, or emerging technologies (VR, 3D, etc)
  • Campus CI Plan (required for some NSF proposals)

Other Useful Information for Grant Proposals

Computing and Storage Resources

Some research computing resources for cluster computing and stand-alone virtual machines are available to Duke Faculty PIs and their designees at no cost to researchers. These resources can be included in grant proposals using their service descriptions and supporting information is included in our resources located in box. These resources are appropriate for use with public and restricted data only (see Data Classification Standard).

For researchers working with sensitive data, requiring dedicated storage, or sustained/custom compute needs, we encourage you to contact us to obtain necessary information to develop your compute/storage budget and budget justification.

Open Science Grid / Duke CI-Connect 

The Open Science Grid  is “a national, distributed computing partnership for data-intensive research” with resources that are particularly well suited to computational jobs that have very simple systems and data dependencies — essentially, jobs that are easy to transport, run in parallel, use or produce small or modest amounts of data, and can tolerate failure or interruption. Thousands of computers in North America are part of the grid, and together they provide prodigious computational power. Duke is part of CI-Connect [ci-connect.net] which is a means of gaining access to the Open Science Grid, and accounts are available to members of the Duke research community (http://duke.ci-connect.net). OSG is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

Data Management Plans

Use DMP tool for data management plans – Data Management Plan. See the Duke University Library’s collection of information on “NSF data management plans” and “Planning for data management across the project life cycle” [library.duke.edu].  DMPTool.org provides helpful guidelines for creating “data management plans” (the “DMP” in the name of the tool). Duke University is a member of the DMPTool group, and tailored responses based on Duke’s infrastructure can be accessed on the site.

Useful Links

https://pace.ori.duke.edu – PACE offers resources to researchers that will work with Duke Protected Health Information.

http://ssri.duke.edu/ – Social sciences researchers can work with the Social Sciences Research Institute to use the Protected Research Data Network (PRDN) that is specially outfitted for social sciences research. The Institute has professional staff who help researchers navigate special requirements for sensitive social sciences research data, whether the data are bound by government regulation or other data use agreements.