Duke is part of the Open Science Grid through a partnership with CI-Connect and supports the Duke Condor Grid on Duke’s campus. The Open Science Grid, generally referred to as “OSG,” is a widely distributed compute resource. Computing resources are available through participating universities and research centers, collaborators and even software developers. The resources are made predictable and usable through OSG.Because of the widely distributed nature of the OSG, the system is better suited for computational jobs that have simple system and data dependencies. That is, the jobs require resources that are generally available and that don’t have large data to drag along for analysis. In aggregate, the OSG has massive computational power that puts otherwise computationally expensive calculations within reach. People using the Open Science Grid have to approach their work knowing that many of the processes that are submitted to the grid will fail or otherwise will be “preempted.” But because of its scale, OSG can give well suited computation projects enormous power. Duke Research Computing staff have deep experience with grid computing and work with colleagues at other universities to make the service available.


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