About the presenter

docker-stealeyWhile at RENCI, where he serves as Senior Research Software DeveloperMichael Stealey‘s work has covered a range of topics including software architecture and design for environmental studies, medical applications, image processing, and a variety of others projects. Prior to joining RENCI he was at the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) at UCLA, working on sensor platforms and autonomous sensing techniques.

What the presentation is about

HydroShare is an online collaboration environment for sharing data, models, and code. In its simplest form HydroShare is a Django front-end connected to an iRODS back-end with options for running models, launching tools, and extending authorization to a variety of third-party applications. Docker is used as the primary means of distributing the development environment as well as the service for deploying the production environment of HydroShare. HydroShare has been “Dockerized” into multiple distinct containers running the base Django application, databases, messaging queues, worker nodes and dynamic model runs that come into existence as required.