The monumental Telcom Building could help you monumentalize your wondrous scientific visualizations!

As part of the building renovation plans, two very large “mural”-like images are needed. We figured that Getty Stock Images just wouldn’t do the trick, especially since Duke researchers conjure up such beautiful and functional scientific visualizations.

Do you have a beautiful and informative image that shows the power of data and the magic of research computing? Maybe you should send it to us as we make plans for the renovation.

Here are the basic specifications. If you have something that you think might be interesting blown up big, send a smallish image (JPEG works) as an email attachment to Let us know what the image represents in your email message. When the choices are made, you may be asked to provide a higher quality example to fit the specs.

  • Orientation: Can be either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
  • Format: Vector graphics are best (like SVG or Illustrator). They scale up well to various sizes.
  • Visual representations are best. A poster with explanatory prose probably won’t cut it.

For images, we’re awaiting specifications, but high resolution (300dpi) is likely (and could be an issue due to file sizes). We expect that the physical dimensions will be large — ten feet might be a measure of height.

[Image credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Snapshot from “Rayleigh-Bénard Convection Simulation” by Erwin P. van der Poel & Rodolfo Ostilla Mónico.]