New Frontiers in Data and Computation on January 20, 2017, concludes the three days of the Duke Research Computing Symposium at the Great Hall of the Trent Semans Center on Duke’s School of Medicine campus.

Talks this year are from three Duke faculty who are doing interesting things with data and computation:

  • Gary Bennett, PhD, (Psychology & Neuroscience, Medicine, and DHGI) will speak on “Treating obesity, digitally.”
  • Amanda Randles, PhD, (Pratt BME & MEMS and Computer Science) will speak on “Massively Parallel Simulations of Human Hemodynamics.”
  • Mark Palmeri, MD, PhD, (Pratt BME and School of Medicine, Department of Anasthesiology) will speak on “Simulating Ultrasound Wave Propagation in Soft Tissues on Micron-to-Meter Scales.”

The overall theme of the presentations provide a vision of new frontiers of data and computing, especially in behavioral and health research, though with applications touching many disciplines. The event begins at 2:30 pm and is followed by a reception. Displays from groups and initiatives supporting Duke researchers will be featured, so this is a good place to get a quick picture of the scope of support for research at the institution.

Groups and initiatives represented include:

  • Scholars@Duke
  • Duke Digital Initiative
  • Center for Instructional Technology
  • Wired! Lab
  • Duke University Libraries
  • MEDx
  • Bass Connections
  • Core Research@Duke
  • Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR)
  • Office of Research Informatics (ORI)
  • Social Science Research Institute (SSRI)
  • Innovation CoLab
  • Information Technology Security Office / Information Security Office (ITSO/ISO)
  • Office of Information Technology

The January 20 symposium session caps off events taking place during the week, beginning with a series of activities and presentations conducted by Duke University Libraries to highlight data-driven research at Duke. The symposium poster session takes place as a separate event in the newly renovated Technology Engagement Center and this year is expanded to feature data visualizations illuminating Scholars@Duke publication and faculty data. (Get your posters going!)

Register for the January 20 symposium. (Note that the Duke University Library has provided another registration page for the individual events happening on January 18.)

Information on the other events of the week:

Research Data at the Edge — January 18, 2017, kicks off with a series of activities and presentations highlighting data-driven research at Duke. Duke University Libraries will host several short talks and mini-workshops throughout the day to introduce best practices in data tools and techniques and to highlight library services throughout the research lifecycle.  An exhibition of data visualizations by Duke researchers will decorate the walls and screens of The Edge.  The day will close with a reception featuring new staff and online services designed to help Duke researchers discover, share, and manage research data. The events take place at The Edge: The Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology, and Collaboration in Bostock Library.  For registration information and a listing of events, please see:

Research Communities and Emerging Technology — January 19, 2017, begins the gala poster session, which this year will be held in the newly renovated “Technology Engagement Center” in the monumental Telcom Building. The poster session has traditionally been jammed into the constraints of the single afternoon symposium experience, and many have complained that they just don’t have the change to plumb the depths of the research that’s been represented. This year, the poster session and the technology showcase have their own venue (and a more leisurely timeframe) — so people will be able to interact. This event is a mix of scholarship, refreshment, and entertainment. Posters will be on display through Friday, January 20, too.

Be sure to join your colleagues at these events!