The winners of the 2017 Duke Research Computing Symposium poster competition and the Scholars@Duke Data Visualization Challenge are:

For the Scholars@Duke Data Visualization Challenge:

  • First prize – Jeff MacInnes, “Mapping the geographic spread of collaborations across Duke University”
  • Second prize – Avery Yuan, Liqi Feng, Xiaodi Qin, Yi Zhao, “A glimpse into Duke research: Where are you now?”
  • Third prize – Changwei Hu, “Analyzing Scholars@Duke via tensor factorization”

For the “traditional” symposium poster session, the judges managed to add another prize, so that instead of two prizes, three were awarded instead:

  • First prize – Yoon Woo Byun, Vivek Subramanian, Greg D. Field, Miguel Nicolelis, Jeffrey M. Beck, “Fully Variational Bayesian Poisson nonlinear regression of massive neural data”
  • Second prize – Bradley Feiger, Madhurima Vardan, John Gounley, Amanda Randles, “Accurate inlet velocity profiles in patient-specific geometries for massively parallel biomedical simulations”
  • Third prize (NEW) – Maurizio Forte, David Johnston, Katherine McCusker, Everette Newton, Nevio Danelon, “Rediscovering a hidden city: Exploring Vulci through remote sensing”

Judges for the competitions were Holly Dressman, Julian Lombardi, James Moody, Eric Monson, Damaris Murry.

It was a great time!

By now, it’s practically a New Year’s tradition — the Duke Research Computing Symposium’s poster competition! (And the “festive sing-along

has become one, too!)

This year, we’re making a couple of changes for the better: a new venue. More time for exchanges of ideas and good will. Abundant food, of course. Up-close contact with new technologies. And even greater glory for the poster competitors!

This is a great opportunity to display your new research (and even update your recent posters) to share your achievements and insights with others in the Duke research community.

Intents to submit a poster to the competition (a really simple email) are due by January 15, 2017 at midnight. The poster session will take place at the Technology Engagement Center (TEC) in the monumental Telcom Building on Thursday, January 19, 2017, with posters remaining available for view through Friday, January 20, 2017. Posters go up in the early afternoon, and the thronging public arrives after 2:30 pm on Thursday. Judging will take place in that afternoon, and delicious food will be available for all. Rather than having a rush-rush affair as has been the case in the past, we’ll have more time to mingle. And, the fancy technology offerings of the TEC will be fully in gear along with the groups that make new technology work for the Duke community.

Winners of the competition will be announced in the symposium event at the Great Hall of the Trent Semans Building on January 20, 2017.

The awards, of course, are stupendous:

  • Four-years use of a beefy computer in the Duke Compute Cluster or otherwise tailored to your lab’s research needs. This one has 256 GB RAM and 28 CPU cores, so you can really burn through the data. Value: $9300!
  • Credits for storage, CPU cores and RAM to apply as you see fit on Duke Research Computing platforms, usable during the 2017 calendar year. Value $1200

Great prizes for great posters! And the winners will be displayed in the Technology Engagement Center for the year.

How to take part

The Duke Research Computing Symposium poster competition is open to all Duke faculty, staff and students. To participate, please send the following items in an email to us at with the

SUBJECT LINE “Duke RCS submission – [your name here]”

BODY of Email, please include

  1. Full Title of Poster
  2. All Authors and Affiliations
  3. Short Abstract

The DEADLINE for the submission of your poster details is Sunday, January 15, 2017, at midnight – (note: your poster can be printed at a later date, as long as it’s ready for display on January 19th). If you do not submit your information by the January 15th deadline, your poster will not be eligible for an award.

And, don’t forget the Visualizing Scholars@Duke Challenge. Another opportunity to show your stuff! And this one has cash prizes.

Poster dimensions should be 42” x 42” or less. Please print no larger that this size. Plan to hang your poster on Thursday, January 19, between 12:30 – 2:00 pm. Push pins will be provided. If you are unavailable to hang your poster during these times, please have someone handle this for you.

Entrants who are not able to arrange poster printing should contact so that arrangements for poster printing can be made.

More information on the symposium and registration:

And, of course, register for the events of the three-day Duke Research Computing Symposium!