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Duke’s Research Computing (RC) storage services were established in 2014 with initial support from NIH,  and then updated and sustained by the University in late 2018 in keeping with the university’s 2017 IT Strategic Plan. The service is currently based on 8.5 petabytes of EMC Isilon network attached storage (NAS), spread over two cost-performance tiers, for use by researchers across various computing platforms.

All researcher labs have an entitlement of  1TB of storage on the DCC through Provostial funding, with additional capacity available for purchase.  Furthermore, the Duke Compute Cluster, our on-campus shared high performance computing environment, provides access to a 650TB shared NAS volume as part of the base cluster service that is available for short-term storage of data under analysis.

The storage system is managed to support highperformance, large
scale IO for the HPC space. Additionally, systems staff work with researchers to make block
storage and local SSD/NVMe available to individual compute systems as local high
performance scratch space.

Storage resources along with backup services are available to Duke researchers at competitive rates and can be requested through research computing staff.