The Festive Sing-Along video from Duke Research Computing has become A Thing. This year, we draw inspiration from a scene in Love Actually, now a holiday season movie tradition, to offer the 2018 Symposium Poster Sing-Along Video (words below).

The Pointer Sisters’ tune, we figured, will rouse poster-makers from their couches and get them going on their True Calling, Really Science-y and Scholarly Endeavors.

Remember, submit your poster information by 11:59:59 pm on January 15, 2018! Submissions close at midnight! Detailed information is here. And there are TWO opportunities — consider the Scholars@Duke Data Visualization Challenge, too!

Previous sing-along music videos for the Duke Research Computing Symposium Poster Session include last year’s exhilarating “Posters, Posters” (2017) and a stirring rendition of “I’m Dreaming of a White Poster” (2016).

POST! (apologies to The Pointer Sisters)

Post me.
Tell me all that I need.

Post me.
Wrap your poster for me.

You’re so excited for research computing…
Oh baby!

Your work’s profound.
We’ll show it ‘round,
Where no one’s ever seen it before.
And if you want more …
If you want more …
More … MORE!

Then POST!
(Feel the fame)

(Build a name)

If you want a scholarly citation!

Post, Post!
For my love!

Your work’s profound.
We’ll show it ‘round,
Where no one’s ever seen it before…

The inspiration for the video came from Love Actually (2003) and specifically this scene: