Billy Mack, the aging rockstar in Love Actually has moved on in his life and is now a faculty member in the Department of Automobile Musicology. He is, as he says, “the only real rock star faculty member at Duke. The others are mere posers.”

He stars in this year’s traditional Poster Sing-Along video. And he’s issued a challenge to everyone at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and North Carolina Central University. He claims he’ll win first prize in the Research Computing Symposium poster session, and he’ll show his “true self in all its nakedness” when he wins.

Please disappoint him (and spare our eyes!) by submitting your winning poster. (Besides, we don’t need to add prestige to his scholarly fulminations on “psychedelic biology.” Your scholarship and science are infinitely better!)

And the Warpwire link, in case you don’t like annoying Youtube ads:

Remember — deadline for submission: January 27, 2020. Instructions here.

Register for the Research Computing Symposium. Info on the symposium is here.

Please pass the video on to friends and family, who will no doubt want to sing-along with Dr. Billy. There are others, too: “Posters, Posters!” (2017), “POST(er)!” (2018).

The Lyrics – “Posters Are All Around Me”

I see them in the hallway, I see them in my lab
Posters that inspire me to put on my thinking cap

Every PI’s got one, and some have got a few
So come on, share your research — you can do a poster, too!

You know they’ll love your poster, yeah, they will
That scintillating data is a real big deal
Captivating graphics, eloquent prose
Your poster makes them wanna know

The inspiration

The video was inspired by Love Actually (2003), which has been described as an “ensemble Yuletide schmalz-fest” (still good, though). Billy Mack sings “Christmas Is All Around Me” and competes for the Christmas Number One Single in the UK. Billy wins, and he performs the song in the nude on national television.