Duke Compute Cluster is a service and support center that connects Duke University researchers to hardware, software, educational and personnel resources, both local and global, to enable novel computational science. We will leverage the parallel computing facilities already in place at Duke, help build out the computational infrastructure to handle future work-loads, foster the development of scalable applications and assist in the training of parallel-aware researchers.

_CKH8797The Duke Compute Cluster works with OIT to manage and maintain a high-performance Linux cluster with nearly 680 machines and 7200 CPU-cores.

The Duke Compute Cluster is based on a sharing model where interested researchers may purchase machines and add them to the existing cluster. Once such a purchase has been made, they then get high-priority access to their own machines as well as lower-priority access to the spare cycles on all other machines in the cluster, including machines contributed (i.e. purchased) by other researchers.

The Duke Computer Cluster works with OIT to provide for the system administration, power, cooling and management of all of the machines.