Field Trip Fridays

Imagine for a moment that you are working at a computing help desk, staring at the phone and waiting for...

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Putting new Spark in research computing

Special notice: Mark McCahill will be teaching “Apache Spark for Beginners” on November 2, 2017 in the Technology Engagement Center...

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Cores for Clunkers

In July 2009, a program known as “Cash for Clunkers” began with the hope of nudging an ill economy back...

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Mardi Gras and exascale computing, registration open

Mardi Gras Conference 2014 — Application Development for Exascale Computing February 27 – March 1, 2014 Louisiana State University, Baton...

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Blue Waters Student Internship and Graduate Fellowship

BLUE WATERS UNDERGRADUATE INTERNSHIP Blue Waters Student Internship Program Now Accepting Applicants Blue Waters Student Internship Program is actively seeking...

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