In April, the sledge hammers will swing to begin the renovation of the ground floor of the monumental Telcom Building. Offices for Duke Research Computing staff and the facilities for OIT’s Media Technology Services and Innovation CoLab are cleared out, temporarily relocated to other locales at least through the summer months. It is anticipated that renovations will be completed by the beginning of the Fall Semester.

And what a renovation it is.

Although the monumental Telcom Building will retain its massive (some say “stately”) outward appearance, the inside will be transformed into an active work space for students and faculty. The space will support Innovation CoLab, OIT Media Technology Services, Duke Research Computing, and other technology-related projects and staff with spaces for large and small meetings and “ideation” spaces. A central area bridging large rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people ties the building together. Innovation CoLab’s 3D printing equipment will return to monumental Telcom after the renovation is complete to occupy a large “maker space” area that will also serve as instructional space.

You can take part in the renovation, too, by submitting your Very Large Scientific Visualization.

Duke Research Computing staff will continue to be available on campus in 241 Gross Hall for regular office hours. That presence at Gross Hall will continue after the monumental Telcom Building reopens under a yet-to-be-determined new name.