While you are preparing your email to Gwen Waller to claim your poster slot (see the easy instructions), you can entertain yourself and your friends and get in the mood for excellent poster-making with a sing-along (aka: karaoke). This special edition is sung by none other than the Poster Santa, who is somewhat skinnier than the other fellow you see in shopping malls everywhere.

Remember your poster email is due on January 14, 2016! There are also Fabulous Prizes, though the event will be reward enough.


“I’m Dreaming of a White Poster”

I’m dreaming of a white poster
Just like the ones I’ve seen around
Where the post-docs linger
And lab techs finger
keyboards and mice without a sound.

I’m dreaming of a white poster
That’s still unsoiled by colored ink.
It’s defied my brilliance
With in-sou-ci-ance
And made it hard for me to think.

I’m dreaming of a white poster
That will provide an av-e-nue
To com-pu-ter power
and make insights shower
That will be mostly true and new.

I’m dreaming of a white poster
Now showing sci-en-ti-fic prose
Filled with pictures glistening,
Its graphs so shimm’ring,
My yearning heart (my yearning heart) just overflows.

(Apologies to Irving Berlin)