Cluster storage options have been updated and expanded to include default 1TB group directories and 10GB home directories for all DCC users.

All DCC users will have a new, initialy empty, 10GB home directory, with the path:

/hpc/home/NetID (e.g./hpc/home/jd123 for user “jd123” in “doelab”)

The old home directories are still there, and can be accessed at any of the three paths:

  • /hpc/group/Group name/NetID (Actual path)
  • /hpchome/Group name/NetID (Symlink, former home directory)
  • /dscrhome/NetID (Symlink, former symlink updated to new home)

Old home directories will be part of the new, 1TB, group storage allocation found at: 
/hpc/group/Group name (e.g. /hpc/group/doelab for DCC group “doelab”.) 

Any member of a DCC group will have the ability to create sub-directories beneath the group storage allocation. For example, any member of the DCC “doelab” group could create the directory /hpc/group/doelab/project1 
where any member of the “doelab” group can then read and write to files in this new directory.

In general, job scripts that reference files in the old home directories should continue to work as long as they reference either the /hpchome/Group name/NetID or /dscrhome/NetID paths. Exceptions would be paths that include either $HOME or ~ (tilde), as these will now point to the new home directories and not the old home directories.

For users who have modified their bash startup scripts, .bash_profile or .bashrc, update PATH statements containing $HOME or ~ to point to the new location.

Example .bash_profile or .bashrc  updates for user “jd123” in “doelab”:

OLD: export $PATH=$HOME/myapp/bin:$PATH
NEW: export $PATH=/hpc/group/doelab/jd123/myapp/bin:$PATH