About the presenter

docker-leiFor the past three years, Yang Lei has served as Senior Software Engineer at IBM and has been involved in innovative projects at the Emerging Technology Institute, where she is part of the team that delivered the first web-scale benchmark application running on the IBM cloud with 4B req/day throughput. She has also dived into Netflix OSS by both enabling it for PaaS (Bluemix/Cloud Foundry) and extending it with NodeJS native integration. Yang has also leveraged Docker container technology for simplified continuous integration and application orchestration, for dynamic micro-service service registry/discovery, and load balancing.

What the presentation is about

The presentation introduces a simple elastic and resilient cloud platform solution that allows running applications in Docker containers across a cluster of nodes managed by Apache Mesos. The system runs on Softlayer with integration of Auto Scaling Group and Load Balancer to elastic scale nodes as needed and can be used as a shared platform for cloud application development, deployment, production. Thought the presentation, you will see how we streamline Continuous Integration from code change to automatically trigger build and test, from a successful test to push built image to local registry for reuse; how we achieve fast, elastic orchestration for both application and DevOps tooling task on the platform; and how we gather operational insights cross the platform consistently.