Duke ON-RAMPS: OpenFlow-Enabled Network Resource Access that is Manageable, Programmatic, and Safe

  • Awarding Agency: National Science Foundation
  • Amount: $300,000
  • Date: 2012
  • PI: Tracy Futhey

This project will deploy a pilot Software-Defined Science Network (SDSN) to interconnect research computing resources on the Duke campus and link them to national WAN circuit fabrics. This pilot deployment will support both Computer Science applications such as GENI and domain sciences such as Duke’s Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy (IGSP) and Duke’s high-energy physics group (HEP). Additionally, the SDSN will connect to the Duke Shared Cluster Resource (DSCR), a 4300-core shared batch job service used by domain scientists all over the Duke campus. The key goal is to enable domain scientists to request virtual networks that are ‘simple and scalable enclaves’ for science networking, and that link selected resources on campus with selected resources outside, while excluding unrelated traffic.